Five Security Tips For The Festive Season


It’s the festive season again and as usual, the excitement in the air is palpable. I bet you cannot wait for the close of work for the year so they can travel home to be with family or on vacation with family.

But it is essential to be aware that many atrocities are already happening across the nation which may likely increase because of the peculiarity of the season. If you live in Lagos, Nigeria, stories of ‘One Chance’ bus crimes will not be new to you. Advance fees fraud and other financial crimes (yahoo-yahoo) are skyrocketing so terribly.

Abductions for the purpose of ritual killing or ransom are on the increase. The bandits and Boko haram terrorist groups have infiltrated almost every part of the nation. We talk less of armed robberies these days, but they are still very much prevalent in our cities. The security of lives cannot be left totally in the hands of the government. It is everyone’s responsibility.

Here are a few security tips to stay safe during the festive season.

1. Keep your traveling and location information private.

While it is important to inform your family and loved ones about your destination, route, and estimated arrival time, it is equally important to minimize telltale signs that you are away from home. Avoid posting your travel plans and holiday location on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. As much as possible, keep your voice down when sharing private information in public places. In this age, any little privy information can be used to your detriment.

2. Ensure Your Car is in a Good Condition Before Hitting the Road

You wouldn’t want to be stuck in an unsafe location while traveling, so it is wise to ensure that your car is in a good condition, fit for the journey, and the number of hours you will spend on the road. You will also like to confirm that your spare wheel is in good condition and that you have all the necessary tools to change a wheel in case of a flat tire. If you suspect that you are being followed by an unfamiliar vehicle, try not to drive straight to your destination and avoid lonely roads while also trying to contact security officials.

3. Keep an extra eye on the children:
Since it’s the holiday season, the kids will be more available and excited about the extra time to play and have fun. Try to keep the main doors locked when they are out of your sight. Do not leave your children alone with strangers and an unverified domestic staff. Trust people but have them verified before leaving them with whatever or whoever is valuable to you.

4. Avoid trouble-prone spots and hours. If a fight breaks out in a place, find a means of getting out of there immediately. Avoid trying to play diplomacy in any case of violence except if you are a security personnel. You can always get details of the fight later on but at that moment, it is wise to exit the scene immediately.

There is every tendency to throw caution to the winds and relish the season by partying on into the night. But it is wise to avoid staying out late at night. Getting out of the house too early in the morning should also be avoided.

5. Keep Security Contact Numbers Saved on Your Phone.

In case of emergencies, you will need to call the security station to report a situation, hence the need to have the phone numbers somewhere close by. You need to go straight to the point and try to stay calm as you report the situation on the call so the details can be received accurately.

Enjoy the rest of the season and stay safe out there.


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