Knowing a fraudster can be a daunting task especially with the knowledge of branding going viral. ‘Fake it till you make it’ is the motto of a lot of people now. Many have been defrauded due to their naivety and lack of thoroughness. They did not put in security measures in their business relationship. This article contains five reliable ways that will prevent you from being scammed.

Be less emotional

Being pitiful should never make you employ someone or do business with them. You can give those you pity money, but never let that be your yardstick to employ someone. We have heard stories of fraudsters who told their employers awesomely cooked up heartfelt tales about themselves and ended up duping their employers. Our aim is not to discourage you from being kind. All we are saying is that though it is good to be kind, yet it is far more rewarding to be kind to the right set of people. Being less emotional will help you identify those few right set of people.

Think before you act

Never hastily make a decision. Take your time to consider every application and proposal that comes your way. Do not take that domestic staff in hurriedly. Don’t just jump at that awesome business opportunity. Think over it. Consult experts and friends. It will help you arrive at a better decision.

Verify every detail

Don’t forget that physical appearance does not reveal who people are. It is only God that knows the intent of man, we don’t. Simple criminal record check, address confirmation, previous employment check and guarantor’s check alone can save a lot of future mishap. It can save you from being defrauded and from unforeseen harm.

Keep it professional

Lastly, after carefully observing the above points, don’t let off the hook. Always be security conscious. Develop good relationships with your staff or business colleague but do not go too unofficial. Keep sacrosanct documents sacrosanct. Let all business transactions be properly documented. Seek the advice of a legal luminary if need be. People change and you cannot be sure of when they do. Be prepared for that.


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