Hiring is not just compulsory in an organization, it is essential to its growth and well being. Employing people has its own intricacies, they could foster the growth of the company if done appropriately but on the other way round, they could bring stagnancy, frustration or even the downfall of a company. These types of employees are the crooks this article is trying to help you avoid during your recruitment processes.

Deliberately digging deep into the background of who you want to hire is important and not what we should treat as a drop in a bucket. Affirming that their claims are true and they are not trying to swindle you and pose any threat to you is extremely crucial. Employers should check the criminal records of employees before employing them (and routinely after every six months of employment because people change).

Criminal record checks would help you ascertain that you’re doing the right thing in employing an individual. You eliminate every benefit of doubts about whether you’re hiring a crook or not.

By doing criminal record check, you get to have access to the police registry and scan through their records to see if the persons you intend to hire have not committed any crime whatsoever with people, previous employers or have been involved in any criminal activity whatsoever.

Apart from that, this registry can give you access to the age, fingerprints and other details of the personnel. You can use this to see if the age that was stated during application is truly their age, if their fingerprints truly match their names and person in whole, you get to know if their picture truly matches their names and person and if they exist at all.

Another additional privilege running a criminal record check gives you and your organization is that even if the personnel past record is clean but have criminal tendencies, the whole process of detailing the person with police, getting his picture and fingerprints is a good mechanism to curtail future criminal acts. The person is super conscious of the fact that his/her details can be pulled up later on and be used by the police intelligence unit to track him/her.

In all, criminal record check does not cost you and your company, it only pays you. Through it, you are one step sure that those you’re employing are not crooks but reliable people who are going to add value to your company.



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