NeeyamoWorks signs a referral partnership with Background Check International (BCI)

NeeyamoWorks, a global provider of HR solutions, announced its business partnership with Background Check International (BCI), Africa’s foremost and leading background screening and due diligence service providers.


In a quest to expand its technology footprint in the Africa region, NeeyamoWorks has signed a referral partnership with BCI to address this demand for a scalable and localized HR solution. With this partnership in place, NeeyamoWorks with the help of BCI will now be able to reach out to organization to help understand and resolve their HR challenges with NeeyamoWorks’ customized HR solutions.

Commenting on the partnership, Shyam Sundar, Sr. Vice President and Global Head of Sales at NeeyamoWorks said, “NeeyamoWorks is appointing partners to address gaps in the HR technology landscape and maximize customer benefits. BCI is an experienced, locally connected service provider in the African market as the pioneer of the background screening industry in Nigeria that has worked with many major companies across business verticals and has built networks across the African continent. With our respective strengths, we are certain we will be able to serve customers with our innovative HR solutions better”.  

Speaking about the partnership, Kola Olugbodi, the Managing Director at BCI said, “BCI has not just for more 15 years invested its energy and resources in helping multinationals, non-profit organizations and medium and small scale enterprises build trustworthy relationships through our background check solutions but also partnered with entities who share our objectives in promoting human capital effectiveness. With NeeyamoWorks, the Human Resources industry can drive more efficiency and keep pace with dynamic modern realities in global workforce administration”.

About NeeyamoWorks

NeeyamoWorks was launched to create cutting-edge, future-ready HR products built to support an organizations’ global workforce no matter its size, diversity, geographic presence, or complexity. A portfolio of products built to drive efficiency in HR along with superior employee experience. Each product is uniquely designed for the cloud and set against global benchmarks yet with local specifications. To know more, visit www.neeyamo.works.

About BCI

BCI emerged from a sincere desire to enhance competence in organizations by providing safety and security. It is highly experienced in the industry, with over 15 years of experience. It has worked with many major companies in all business verticals and have networks that allow for detailed background checks in Africa and beyond. It pioneered the background screening and due diligence industry in Nigeria in 2005.


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