Two young ladies once walked to our HR department. They came looking for domestic works. They asked if any staff member has clothes they want to wash or chores in their homes they will like them to do.

I keenly observed these two pretty ladies in their mid-twenties, they do not look hunger-stricken neither were they shabbily dressed. They are both students of a tertiary institution here in Lagos and were on break. They only came seeking an opportunity to make extra cash that will help them meet their financial needs when they resume.

They further made us know that the future they look to build is in laundry and dry-cleaning business, but before then, they won’t mind using their hands to wash and do other chores for people to understand the trade and also save up for their big business.

I was extremely moved by the fact that they saw dignity in labour. I know you will agree with me that many of their colleagues will rather finish their first degree and join the unemployment statistics than beg random people for clothes to wash. Worst still, others will result to internet fraud, sexual immorality or street begging than stoop that low to doing menial jobs.

This changed the existing narrative that domestic staff are mostly evil. It is not necessarily so. I am very sure there are many people like these two young ladies, who see dignity in labour. People who are honest and hardworking, people who will not engage in societal vices no matter how enticing they might look, which you can employ as domestic staff.

All you need to do to recognise these good ones is to verify them to be sure they are part of the microscopic few honest and hardworking ones. On that, we at Background Check International can help you with.

Verify your domestic staff to separate the good ones from the bad.


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