As lucrative as letting out property might be, it could turn out to be a thorn in the flesh if handed over to the wrong person. Running a tenant background check helps you make an informed decision when letting out your property.


Tenant check will give you a detailed report on who your potential tenants are and more importantly help you consider these following factors that will help you choose the right tenant:



Were they forcefully evicted? It is important you know the manner of exit of a potential tenant. This will help you decide whether you want to take the person or not.


Criminal Records

Do they have criminal records or tendencies? This is more important than ever with the increasing rate of crime, especially kidnapping, in our society. You don’t want to accommodate a kidnap syndicate in your house no matter how much they are ready to offer. And currently, some state governments are passing laws that give them permission to impound your house if they find out it is/was a hideout for a kidnap syndicate. So you definitely want to be more careful.


Public Records

Are they troublemakers? Not all troublemakers end behind bars so Criminal Records (though extremely critical) will not only do it for you. Checking if your prospective tenants have pending or previous legal battles are also extremely important. If you observe a particular trend in the cases including your prospects, it is an indication of what you might likely face with them. A full-service tenant background check will scan through different public records to check if their names and details will pop up.


Former Landlord

How is their relationship like with the former landlord? Running a check will also help you seek the opinion of their former landlords on behavioural patterns. Whether they delay payment or damaged their former landlords’ property. These will be revealed. Although it is well-known that some landlords might be mischievous too yet out of the many insights they provide, one will be able to verify some truths in them. Even some neighbours can also be engaged to corroborate claims.


After these four considerations, you should be able to come to a sound conclusion whether or not you want to give your property out to a particular person. And mind you, the cost of tenant background check is very affordable and it is nothing compared to the consequences of giving your property out to the wrong person.


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