It has been found that one out of five people you meet have criminal backgrounds or tendencies. This entrench the need to be more security conscious. The current recession in the country is not helping matters too. Everyone seems to be in desperate need of money to meet their many needs. Different kinds of means and schemes are out now that people use to enrich themselves, and criminal activities are not excluded.

The need to run a background check on whoever you want to employ in your business, or at home as domestic staff is now more important than ever. You need to verify every claim made by people you want to place a level of personal or business trust on.

At BCI, we do not want you to be a victim of criminal and fraudulent activities. We strongly advise you to verify every claim today. Background Check International can help you discover the true identity of those you want to do business with or entrust with domestic works.

We can help you run criminal record check, educational qualification and professional certificate verification, previous employment verification, address confirmation and neighbourhood character check, reference and guarantor’s check, risk management, fraud investigation, credit check, retirees’ or pensioner’s verification, etc.


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