It is no longer news that the rate of crime in Nigeria has greatly increased as against what we have ever seen from the inception of the country. Statistics has shown that crime rate in Nigeria is presently above 75%. I believe you will agree with me that this can be partially attributed to the present recession.

With a lot of companies folding up and many losing their jobs; schemes and methods are being churned out daily by Nigerians to help them stay afloat in this challenging period, and criminal activities are no exception. I believe you will also agree with me that this is the best time to put on more security measures in our homes and business, in order to avoid unnecessary risk of crime and fraud.

Background Check International has proven to be a good partner in preventing fraud and other criminal activities. Engaging our services will help you discover the true identity of those you want to do business with or entrust with a level of responsibility.

These are the lists of our services that you might want to engage:

  • Criminal record check
  • Educational qualification and Professional certificate verification,
  • Previous employment verification,
  • Address confirmation and Neighbourhood character check
  • Reference and Guarantor’s check
  • Risk management
  • Fraud investigation
  • Credit check, etc.

For additional information or advice on services, Call: 01-3426267, 01-3426268, 08099305143 or send a mail to [email protected][email protected].


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